Multimedia Installation
Errant Sound, Berlin  Januar 2023

The beaver had already gone extinct in Brandenburg. The new colonisation now lets it encounter waters that are connected to the Anthropocene. Local newspapers reported in the summer of 2022, that the Nuthe in Brandenburg had temporarily reversed its flow direction due to the prolonged drought. I started listening to this environment and recorded these encounters.
Field recordings during speculative soundwalks along a beaver territory on the Nuthe form the starting point for a sound and video installation about the river: the sonic connections, coverings, erasures, turbulences and washovers in the encounter of species in the carbonised world.

Beaver Walk

recorded sound walk, 8-channel ambisonic audio, two videos

The track contains recordings from several microphones (soundfield- microphone, hydrophon, bodymicrophones) during the soundwalk. I understand it as a documentation of myself and my personal and bodyly  encounter with different elements, sounds, spiecies within the field during the 1 hour walk.

It shows traces of the visible und unvisible connctions  that build the system of smale rivers, canals, ground water,  pipilines, pumpstations, weirs, water dams, wetlands and agricultural buisness in the nearby south of Potsdam.